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Corrective Procedures

Permanent makeup application is a art form and its technical intricacies cannot be overstated. Ashley Swain, PA often performs corrective procedures on clients who have made decisions to use an unskilled permanent makeup provider.


A corrective procedure can involve removing the previous permanent makeup tattoo entirely, evening out colors and shapes and everything in between. It is unfortunate that so many women come to the office after receiving inadequate and sometimes terrifying procedures from providers that don't have the skill set, education, sterilization and reputation of Ashley Swain, PA.


With the increasing desires to have full lips, brows and wake-up-with-make-up beauty there has been a tremendous increase in the amount of corrective work performed by Ashley Swain, PA over the past few years. 

If you have had a procedure that you aren't happy with, call 561-655-6325 for a complimentary consultation to see how Ashley Swain, PA can help you.


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